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A barricade in lab escape.

1. Safe Barricading Edit

The simple but effective way of creating a barrier. Swordfishes and Potato Guns are advised. Use a gun to protect your barricade from being broken and to shoot away nearby zombies.

2. Running and Gunning Edit

Running around with no barricade, but when zombies attemp to run and catch you, you shoot them with your guns. Shotguns and Miniguns are best recommended for this. Possible things are stun or slow items, 


Running and Gunning

Potato guns, AK-47. You can use glocks and uzis but only when you have no other gun. Sniper rifles are okay at the job .

3. Bush hiding Edit

A short and small weapon like a stick, drumstick, glock, or uzi would work, to shoot or bat away zombies that get too close, and not showing themselves to zombies.

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Hiding in a bush!

4. Swordfish barricades Edit

These barricades need an area that is like a small and short corridor. Another player or a friend also needs to go in. Both players stick their swordfishes out to 


Swordfishes FTW

block zombies from coming in and infecting you.