Braains io is a thrilling and fun game. First you must create an account. Pick a username and password. When you first enter the fortress, people usually aren't sure what to do. There are bed places, a lab, the trade shop, and a study room. The trade shop is for meeting up and dropping stuff for others to pick up. These rooms have no functions. The rooms with functions are the shop, the arcade, and the quest zone. At the shop, you can buy items and skins with DNA points. At the quest zone, (the place with the truck), a menu pops up. Choose the area you would like to play in, and wait until it starts. Keep in mind that some quests require a higher leveled player. At the arcade, you can play the old while waiting for your quest to start.

Your goal is to survive outbreaks by building a barrier. You have melee weapons to help push stuff inside rooms. You can also hide in bushes and use a tall weapon to block zombies out. You get 1 DNA point whenever you infect someone. You get the amount of zombies divided by the survivor amount of DNA points if you survive a quest. For example, if you were the last survivor, and there were 14 zombies, you would get a gigantic amount of 14 DNA points!